Common sense

I felt like such a mother in the office the other day. I swear, I really don’t know how men survive without women. So one of the lights went out and a couple guys had been trying for a while to fix it with no luck, so they call Jacky over to try. I’m sitting at my desk and I can see Jacky trying to do it…with the light still on of couse. Then he starts poking around the socket with his fingers–what he was thinking I don’t know. I had to go back there anyway, so I get there and see LJB and a couple other guys all watching Jacky do this and I’m just like “umm…don’t you think you should turn off the light?” so LJB of course is like “yes, Jacky, turn off the light,” and Jacky, looking sheepish is like “you know me, I like to live life on the edge.”

So me and Jel and JChin (who I’m still barely talking to and only if necessary) are all shaking our heads when SER comes out and is like “why are they doing it with the light out?” we just stared at him and were like “so they won’t get electrocuted by poking around while an electric current is running through the light…”. He didn’t understand why we were so worried….ugh, men.

Then the cleaning lady, who Marc had been feuding with over her throwing away his coffee one night, came in and Marc started provoking her, while I’m back in my cubicle telling him to shut up and be nice. After she left he turns to me and is like, “you know, Mary (his gf) does that exact same thing when she thinks I’m about to say something stupid.” Gee, you think maybe she has a point…? Oy.


One Response to “Common sense”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Hahahahaha poor Jacky

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