The Information Generation

At the beginning of every semester, some professors inevitably invite one of the librarians to come speak and teach us about the online database available to Baruch students.  The woman comes and gets all excited about “all the information right at our fingertips” and the prof gets all excited too.  But then you look at the class and we’re all watching the clock, waiting to leave.  The woman was actually kind of offended this semester and creepily would walk up to random people in the class and stare directly at them, trying to get a reaction other than boredom.  But really, what does she expect?  We’re the “Information Generation.”  We more or less grew up with the internet and never had to go to the actual library to look at actual books to do homework.  Google and Wikipedia have been part of our daily vocabulary for years and years, so if you want to impress us, you’re going to have to do a lot better than a scholarly database.  I mean, it’s just the academic version of Google, after all.

I know that to older people who remember time before the World Wide Web, the internet is just astounding and never ceases to amaze, but it’s really annoying when they expect us to show the same enthusiasm.  I mean, do they jump for joy every time the television turns on?  Seriously.


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