Miracle Part 2

Thirty years ago today there was a “Miracle on Ice.”  The US Olympic hockey team beat the Soviets–the unbeatable team–and went on to win gold two nights later.  Last night, the “Miracle” repeated itself.  No, we didn’t beat Russia–we haven’t faced them yet–but we beat Canada.  In Canada.  And it was awesome.

You see, in Canada, hockey is like a religion.  Pee-wee to professional, it doesn’t matter, everyone eats, breathes, and sleeps hockey.  They love to mock Americans and claim that Canada has the best team, the best fans, the best everything.  So imagine how good it felt to go to Vancouver and dominate them fair and square.  No one can accuse us of cheating or of having an easy win because Canada wasn’t trying.  Canada was trying; they failed.  And once again, Canada was reminded that in North America, we’re number one.  Even if they bounce back to win gold, everyone will always know that the team they couldn’t beat, was the team they always mocked 🙂


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