Waste of Time

I hate when profs waste my time. My finance prof (aka Soviet prof) spends half of each class showing us “how to derive the formulas that our calculators use even though we won’t have to do it on the exam.” She justifies it by saying that “in five or ten years you might be working in a financial firm and the power will go out so you can’t use excel and your calculator batteries have died too.”

Okay, 1) what is the chance of that happening?; 2) if I was working at a financial firm, I would hope they would have extra batteries; 3) like I’m really going to remember these derivations years after this class. Please; 4) this is like teaching people how to use typewriters “just in case” the computer they’re using breaks. In other words, completely useless! I’m not paying for you to waste my time. Annoying.


One Response to “Waste of Time”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Lollll you should tell her we’re not in soviet Russia anymore

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