Just kidding?

So yesterday LQ called to say she wasn’t coming in—big surprise.  Technically she’s not supposed to come in on Fridays (as JChin pointed out to AC when defending her) but since school was cancelled and it’s the tail end of busy season, LJB expected her to.  So after AC tells him that she’s not, he’s like “tell her she doesn’t need to come in anymore.”  We’re all like “Finally! It’s about time he got the spine to fire her!”  So AC texts her to tell her, and her response is “okay.  Tell him to mail my check lol” which pissed AC off because it was so flippant, as if she thought it was a joke.

But she was right.  Just a little later (after JChin defending her even though she always says she’s going to stop doing that) LJB tells AC to call LQ and say we were “just kidding” and to come in next Wednesday (the next day she’s scheduled even though busy season will be over by then and she would have been more useful today).

This is why people here have no motivation.  They know they can come in late—or in LQ’s case, rarely come in at all—do a crappy job, snap at the boss, and all kinds of other behavior that wouldn’t be tolerated in most companies, and nothing will happen.  I’m a stickler for time—it’s money, after all—but this morning I wanted to finish some finance exercises, which would make me like 15-20 minutes late, and I decided why not, because it’s not like he would fire me even if I was two hours late and left two hours early.  I mean, if you have an office like this, how can you expect your employees have to do even decent work?  Exactly. You can’t.  And it’s no one’s fault but your own.


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