Cruel and unusual

Brian McKeever is a Canadian cross country skier who is legally blind.  Due to Stargardt disease, he lost 90% of his sight by age 21.  What remains is only peripheral.  When he was named to the Olympic cross country team in January, he was poised to become the first athlete to compete in both the Olympic  and Paralympics games.  The story received national attention—the whole country rooting for him.  Until he was suddenly dropped from the line up.

See, just because you make an Olympic team doesn’t mean you’ll get to compete–only the athletes who do the best leading up to the race get to make the run–and McKeever was deemed not good enough by the coaches and GM.  Okay, I get the whole you came to win medals, not make heart-warming stories, and you treated him like any other athlete, but I still completely blame the Canadian Olympic officials for this horrible story.  They knew when they chose him that a legally blind athlete was not going to be as good as fully healthy athletes.  They knew this, so why did they get his hopes up only to crush his dreams a month later?  It was unnecessarily cruel, and I hope the shame follows them for a very long time.


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