I’ve never really blogged about Shenell (SJ for short) that I can remember, because we really don’t talk that much, but we haven’t gotten along almost since day one and some days, like today, that becomes apparent.  I didn’t really work on the same projects as SJ until last hearing season, and she was really cold to me right from the beginning.  JChin later said that she was “jealous that I got more work than she did when she’s been here for years and you’ve only been here a few months,” to which I shrugged and replied “it’s not my fault I’m quick and like doing work.  I’m not going to slack for her sake.”  Our relationship didn’t exactly improve when she started calling out a lot during the hearing season.  She would call out the day before the hearing for the box that she had been preparing and JChin, E, and I would be left scrambling to put together a box which she had claimed was “completely under control” when there was really nothing done.  I can’t tell you how many times I had to rush to do 30+ comps in an hour or two the morning of the hearing on boxes that she had supposedly prepared.

It’s not like I go out of my way to be rude to her, but why should I be kind to her when she’s cold and somewhat bitchy towards me?  I don’t play that way.  The reason I’m even thinking about our “relationship” is that today I was clipping a whole bunch of files, and she would come over to the water cooler, see them piling up, and just walk away, but then when she was clipping ten or so, she snapped at me to come put them away.  I did, but not without giving her a little attitude.  Then she snapped at me later telling me to go pull applications, even though JT and JP were already back there and it just made everything more crowded for everyone–and why exactly couldn’t she go pull them?  Especially since she had taken out the back of the borough I was pulling and put them in boxes down the hallway without telling me.  She asked me if I knew about the box, and since I was counting and assumed she meant the box that we put the applications in when we’re done, I said yes, then she came and snapped at me about how she had “axed” me about the boxes and “why didn’t you pull them.  Fine, I’ll do it,” before storming off.  Whatever.  If she had been a little more clear, the whole thing could have been avoided.  I mean, we only have dozens of boxes at LJB, how was I supposed to know which particular one she was talking about if she didn’t specify?  Annoying.


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