Silver Lining? Not yet.

This afternoon was the epic ice hockey match-up of the US. vs. Canada in the Olympic Gold Medal Game.  We beat Canada the first time, but just weren’t able to finish during this rematch.  It was an exciting game, especially when Zach Parise scored in the final 24 seconds of regulation to force the game to sudden death over time.  But then Sid “the kid” Crosby just had to ruin it by scoring first.  (Side note: the reason they call him “the kid” is that he’s suck a little crybaby.  Literally.  If he gets called on a penalty or makes a mistake, you can see him on the bench wiping away tears.  You’re a 20 year old hockey player for crying out loud, man up!)

I suppose I should be happy with a silver, since we were predicted to come in fifth, and I am proud of the team, but it just ain’t gold and the wound is too fresh to celebrate right now. It would have been amazing to defeat Canada on Canadian soil twice in one Olympics, but it looks like we’ll have to wait four years for the next showdown.  Sigh.  Though, one post on did make me feel a little better:

“(940): Canada: barely better than America at a sport they invented…..”

So true, lol:)


One Response to “Silver Lining? Not yet.”

  1. kive87 Says:

    They won cus they have free healthcare.

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