Well, I’m officially 21.  Actually, I was officially 21 yesterday, but since it was the “busiest day of the year at” work, and we had today off, I decided to postpone recognition for 24 hours lol.  As far as b-days go, this was not too bad.  The actual day had the potential to be horrible because of the bitchiness of a lot of people at work, but I tried not to let it get to me, and it didn’t really.  I decided to give myself the day off school today since there was only one class out of the three that would have been marginally useful to go to, and I wasn’t going to spend more time traveling than the class itself was long.

This morning I did my usual weekend Starbucks & Central Park & Barnes and Noble routine.  I went early in the morning because I was expecting the package from my mom to be delivered by UPS between 2 and 5, since that was what their “first notice” had indicated.  I got back at 12:13, only to find that they had already come!  I called up the people to yell at them, and the customer service guy was like “oh, the times on the sheet are just to give you a general idea of when the driver thinks he’ll be there.” I was a little pissed and was just like “well what’s the point when they’re completely wrong?  I mean, he drives the same route everyday, doesn’t he know when he’ll be in a certain area?  And it’s not like it came half an hour early, it was two hours before the earliest it was supposed to come.”  So now I have to sign the back of the notice authorizing them to leave it without a signature and just hope that nobody steals it.  No one should–I live in middle class Greek Astoria, after all–but it’s still annoying, especially since I cut my foray into the City short to ensure I would be back in time.

Anyway, even though I didn’t get mom’s cookies–which I have been craving for like a month now–or my presents (which are actually much less important than the cookies lol) it’s still a nice day.  I know this is going to sound super weird to EK, but the best part of yesterday was that no one at work knew about it, mainly because I’m not on fb anymore. I’ve never made a huge deal out of my birthday, and didn’t need to change that this year.  My family obviously remembered, and so did my three close friends from home who are the ones I mainly keep in contact with.  That was more than enough for me.  I didn’t need the Entenmann’s cake, or to have “Happy Birthday” sung to me by a bunch of people who don’t really care.  Don’t get me wrong, I get along very well with MT, EA, JT, GK, and JP (and AC of course, but you all knew that already), but we’re work-friends, which is different from outside of work friends.  And this weekend I’m going out to a movie with EK and AC as kind of a celebration, so I’m good as far as that goes (speaking of the movie, EK, answer the email, woman!)


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