Random Post

You know what WordPress feature I love?  The “random post” function.  You click on it and, as the name implies, it brings up a random post from your blog.  Since I’m uber bored at work right now, I’ve been utilizing this feature quite a lot the past couple hours.  While sometimes the posts get me all annoyed with a person or situation again, they usually make me smile.  I love laughing at funny stories I’d forgotton, or laughing at myself when I read a melodramatic post written in the heat of the moment.  I’ve said before that I never thought I’d write a blog, but I’m soooo glad I started, because of the fleeting memories it will help preserve.

PS: You know what other feature I like?  The one that lets you make posts private.  I rarely use it, but it’s nice to be able to blog about something that only you can see.  That way, you can still keep with the flow of your real feelings even if it’s something you want to keep to yourself.


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