I just had to lol when I saw that Lindsay Lohan is suing E*trade over this commercial because the “milkaholic’s” name is Lindsey, so LiLo assumes that the company is mocking her and clearly using her image without her consent.  She wants $100 million in compensation.  She claims that she is known by only one name–Lindsay–and that it’s as recognizable as Oprah and Madonna.  Um….self-centered much?  Oprah and Madonna aren’t exactly run of the mill names whereas Lindsay is one of the most common.  E*trade officials said they picked Lindsey at random because it was the name of someone on the design team.  I totally believe them because, honestly, who gives a sh*t about LiLo?  I guarantee you 99% of the people who watched this commercial didn’t make any connection until she filed this lawsuit.  Those who did are probably pathetic celebrity stalkers who have nothing better to do with their lives.


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