Fatal Stupidity

I saw a chilling article before work this morning about a woman who had been killed by the number 6 train at 77 Street after jumping on the tracks to retrieve a gym bag.   The 48 year old woman apparently dropped a bag (which contained only gym clothes and her cell phone) then stupidly decided to jump down onto the tracks to retrieve it.  As onlookers screamed in horror, she panicked.  Seeing the train, she first tried to press herself up against the wall under the platform, then tried to climb back up.  Halfway there, she froze.  Seconds later, she was crushed.

According to witnesses from across the platform who were screaming at her to lie down in between the tracks, no one was close enough to the woman to help her.  Those who might have been able were frozen with shock and horror.  And this accident happened shortly before four, so those onlookers included a lot of high school kids.

I’m always slightly terrified that I’m going to see someone get hit by the train, mainly because some people are stupid adrenaline junkies who like when the train whooshes by inches from their face.  While I feel bad for this woman and her family, it was her own stupidity that cost her her life.  She died for a cell phone.  I don’t care if you have the Hope Diamond in your bag, it’s not worth being killed over.


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