The goal for Texas? Ultimate stupidity.

Just saw this article about the Texas Board of Education, and it would be completely pathetic if it didn’t tick me off so much.  See, this ultra-conservative, ultra-Christian board voted to change what their students learn in social studies and history.  As part of the new curiculum, students will not learn:

1.  Why the U.S. was founded on the principle of religious freedom;

2.  The names or references to important Hispanics throughout history;

3. About the diversity of race and religion in Texas

But they will “learn”:

1. About “laws of nature and nature’s God”  in a section in U.S. history that requires students to explain major political ideas;

2. That the US is “not democratic,” but a “constitutional republic”;

3.  Specifically about the Second Amendment right to bear arms in a section about citizenship;

4. “The Christian influences of the nation’s Founding Fathers” (ummm….they were Deist, if not atheist.  Basic history right there.)

So why should we care about backwards Texas? Besides the fact that the children there deserve a chance in life, Texas schools are a major client of the publishing companies, so changes there will change the textbooks for everyone.  This is when the US Department of Education needs to step in and declare this change unconstituational, but we know they won’t do anything.  Heck, they didn’t do anything with the Kansas Board of Education decided to teach Intelligent Design as just as factual as evolution.

Between this and the Alabama school cancelling its prom rather than letting a lesbian girl and her gf attend, I really do fear for the future of this country.  I guess the Bible belt heard that its children were getting more rational and intelligent, and wanted to do everything they could to stop something horrible like that.

(PS: In other news, the California (of all places!) Supreme Court declared that the phrases “under god” and “in god we trust” are completely constitutional.  That’s complete bullsh*t!)


3 Responses to “The goal for Texas? Ultimate stupidity.”

  1. anonima1 Says:

    Actually, one of our founding fathers was influenced by an Islamic text when writing the Declaration of Independence. Just wanted to show the “Christian” influence there.

  2. anonima1 Says:

    No I know what you meant, I’m just saying that they can’t really say there was much of a Christian influence. Everyone knows the founding fathers weren’t religious. That came later. If they wish to distort history, that’s on them.

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