I don’t get it…

I know I’ve blogged about lazy/cheating students before, but I still don’t get them, so I’m blogging again. See, for one of my three exams next week, the prof gave us 60 multiple choice review questions. The exam will be 50 of those.

Tonight, a girl from that class (an Argentinian who is really really annoying, btw) came up to me and was like “there are like 8 of us who are splitting up the questions and emailing the answers, and if you want I can assign you a few.”

I was just like “no thanks, I do better if I do them all myself,” but what I really wanted to say is: “why would I help you when I don’t need help? And it’s not like I would trust your answers (I’ve heard the stupid questions these people ask) so what’s the point of sharing if I’m just going to check everything anyway?”

I just don’t get how they trust other people with 1/3 of their grade! I mean, more people means each person does fewer questions which means a lower chance that one person could completly screw you over, but still!


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