Spring Semester 2010

You know what I love about finally getting into the courses for my major?  For the first time in my college career, I’m actually interested in all the material I’m learning.  In past semesters, there might have been one or two classes or profs I liked, but most of the time I was bored and had to convince myself every day not to skip.  Now, I actually don’t mind going.  I’ve only skipped one day, and that was the day after busy season, when I decided to give myself a break.  But, of course, not everything can be good.  While I like the material, some of the professors are a little….yeah. Even though I’ve blogged about some of them before, I decided to write a post about all of them, just so I can look back and reminisce in the future lol

Mgmt 3300:  Old Guy

Pros: He seems like an easy grader and he’s nice enough.

Cons: He’s judgmental.  He mentions every single class how he thinks me and this other guy are “crazy” for working almost full time and taking 5 classes.  He doesn’t mean it as a joke and it was old the first time.  Stop saying how you think I’m going to end up failing out of college because of this.  You don’t know me.  There’s also a huge generation gap.  He still lives in a world of stereotypes about women and minorities, and distrusts technology.  Oh, and he rambles and rambles and rambles and repeats himself and then rambles and rambles and rambles some more…..

Mgmt 3800:  Not so old old guy

Pros:  No tests.  Just three short papers and a debate = easy A.  Again, nice enough personality.

Cons: He also rambles, but not as much as Old Guy.  Yet, there’s still a huge generation gap.  We spent 20 minutes one class trying to convince him that just because we didn’t read physical newspapers didn’t mean we were clueless.  He didn’t understand when we told him that the internet is actually better because you can get info instantly and see all different viewpoints.

Eco 3250: Diet Coke Guy

Pros: This prof is pretty awesome. His addiction to Diet Coke, his ADHD, and his passive aggression towards the prof in the class before us who doesn’t erase the boards are so cute lol.  Oh, and he’s also extremely knowledgeable about what he teaches, and uses simple real world examples so that everyone can understand.

Cons:  The ADHD is also a bit of a con….especially when you’re trying to ask a question.  But it’s more amusing than anything.  Also, I’m a little worried about the upcoming exam because he said something about needing a calculator…but as of two classes before the exam, he’s only taught us one formula that usually doesn’t need one…….

Fin 3610:  Soviet Prof

Pros: Again, nice enough, and she knows her subject.  Also, her tests aren’t bad.

Cons: She kind of got on my bad side with the pop quizzes and her refusal to try to work anything out with me on the finals thing.  The final is cumulative and we can’t use a formula sheet.  Why, professor?  Why?

Mgt 4880: Clueless anti-American American prof

Pros: Ummm…..the material is easy, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with him.  I guess I’ll just say again that he’s “nice enough.”

Cons:  Rambling.  Generation gap with regards to technology (this seems to be a trend).  Slightly clueless.  I find it hard to take a prof seriously when he says things like “China’s population is 2.5 billion and India’s is 1.5 billion” and things like that. I’ll give you a pass if you screw up once, but this is every class.  And as his title suggests, he comes off as anti-American even though he was born and raised here (he’s a first generation, his family is Trini).  The course is Int’l mgmt, and he always says that Americans should change everything they do to fit the culture they’re working with, and if something goes wrong, it’s the American’s fault for not “being sensitive.”  I’m all for cultural sensitvity, but if we’re doing business with another country, they’re also doing business with us, so why can’t we meet half way?  Why should it all fall on the Americans?  Oh, and he uses stereotypes to describe Americans, while lecturing about not using stereotypes on other cultures.  For example, last class he said that “if you go to the west coast and you have a degree from NYC, which is seen as the center of the world, they think you walk on water.”  Umm….no.  I’m from the Midwest and we don’t think people from the coasts are anything special, and I guarantee people from the West Coast are not jealous and in awe of people from the East Coast…..


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