101 Simple Pleasures

Saw a blog on yahoo titled 101 small pleasures you can enjoy every day so I decided to make my own list of simple pleasures that can relax me or just make me smile.  A lot of them are taken from the yahoo blog’s list, but I’ve omitted some and added a number of my own too:

1.  Coloring (by this I mean the literal kind, not the Sex and the City kind lol)

2.  Crisp cotton sheets

3.  Soft skin

4.  Comfort food

5.  The first flowers of spring

6.  Walking through the park on a beautiful day

7.  Sleeping in

8.  An exercise endorphin high

9.  A perfect cup of tea

10.  A genuine compliment

11. The way babies smell

12.  Waking up in a good mood for no reason

13.  Singing in the shower

14.  Dancing like nobody’s watching

15. The smell of fabric softener and/or the smell of clean laundry

16.  Finding money in my pocket

17.  Laughing

18. Playing hookey

19.  A bubble bath

20. Swimming

23.  Taking a nap

24.  Listening to my favorite song

25.  Doing something nice for someone just because

26.  Old fashioned photo booths

27.  A book I can get lost in

28.  Finding an amazing piece of clothing/furniture/jewelry/anything really….on sale

29.  The wind in my hair

30.  Long walks….whether on the beach or in the city 😉

31. A random hug from a family member (especially a kid) or a close friend

32.  A random “hey, what’s up?” text or email

33. Staying in pjs or sweats all day

34.  Watching a movie that makes me cry, but doesn’t leave me sad after

35.  Butterflies

36.  Ordering in.

37.  Singing along to the radio and knowing all the words

38.  Happy endings

39.  Flying a kite 🙂

40. Puppies

41.  Kitties

42.  Basically baby animals of all kinds….

43.  Holding open the door…..or having it held open

44.  White, soft, fluffy towels 🙂

45.  Sunshine

46.  Spending an afternoon at a museum (actually, I could spend all day)

47.  Really great advice

48.  A professor who makes me want to learn

49.  Green lights all the way home

50.  The sound of rain

51.  Getting soaked in a warm spring/summer rain.  One of my fav memories is when me and Em went outside during a summer thunderstorm and jumped on her trampoline while singing “Singing in the Rain”

52.  Sitting in a booth

53.  A great hair day with no effort

54.  Fireflies

55.  The perfect taco

56.  Slow dancing

57.  The feeling of silk on skin

58.  The smell of baking

59.  Cheesy, uplifting musicals

60.  Disney movies.  Specifically, animated Disney movies, because they bring back so many memories of childhood.

61.  Reconnecting with old friends

62.  A pull-through parking space.

63.  The perfect pastry

64.  Girl Scout cookies.  Nothing beats Thin Mints 🙂

65. Hot chocolate

66.  Old photos

67.  Birds and squirrels on the sidewalk

68.  A spoonful of peanut butter straight from the jar

69.  My favorite old t-shirt/sweatshirt (depending on the season)

70.  A warm, cozy fire

71.  Decorating for Christmas

72. A good game of hockey or baseball

73.  Just spending time doing everyday things with friends and family

74.  A morning at Starbucks.  Alone reading a book, or chatting with a friend. Either way, it’s all good.

75.  Browsing in Barnes & Noble

76.  Swings

77.  Playing the viola

78.  A hot shower

79.  Scented candles (French vanilla is the best)

80.  Snow when it’s still crisp, clean, and pure white.

81.  A full moon

82.  Warm chocolate chip cookies

83.  Jeans that fit

84.  Walking barefoot through a grassy field

85.  Eating fruit right off the tree

86.  The sound of waterfalls and waves

87. Coloring Easter eggs

88.  A home-cooked meal

89.  An unexpected bonus from work

90.  Rocking out to timeless songs (99 Red Balloons, Bad Reputation, Don’t Stop Believing, etc)

91.  Teddy bears

92.  A clean room

93.  Wearing flip flops with freshly painted toenails 😉

94.  Windchimes

95.  The first crisp Autumn day

96.  The crunch of fallen leaves

97.  An on-time flight

98. Old sitcoms.  I have to admit, I’m a sucker for Roseanne and The Cosby Show.

99.  Weddings

100. A clear starry night

101.  The beach


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