Generally, I don’t mind air travel. I’ve done it enough that getting through security is automatic (it’s really not that difficult anyway. The rules are crystal clear) and I kind of expect delays and all that, so when it happens I’m pretty mellow about it. But sometimes other passengers just ruin it and my flight to Orlando inspired me to make a list of people I hate traveling with:

1. People who don’t fly. You know the type. They have no idea how to pack, and have no clue how to get through security, so they slow everyone down.

2. Families. Okay, not all families, just the ones who don’t know how to travel with children. They try to carry on way too many bags, don’t know how to control their kids, and assume that everyone else is completely willing to put up with screaming, kicking children.

3. Complainers. Seriously, shut up. No one cares that you’re tired or hungry or “going to be stuck for 8 days in a hotel in Florida with your family with nothing to do.”

4. Worry warts. Turbulence is normal, so stop acting like we’re all going to die.

5. The ‘entitled.’ I’m sure the airline cares that you spent money on a first class ticket, but I don’t, so don’t push past me without even an “excuse me” in your rush to get on the plane.


One Response to “Flying”

  1. thenakedlistener Says:

    My sentiments exactly.

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