And I thought my stalkers were bad…..

So my coworker M has a stalker in FL  who used to send him cleavage pics and try to get him to come down or let her come up, and yesterday M gets a package from her.  What’s inside but banana bread….  Apparently she’s sent him cookies before too.  My first thought was that it was poisoned (EK agreed) but he ate it anyway and put it in the front so the entire office could eat it too!  As EK put it, men are sooooo easy to kill 😉


Random Blurbs

1.  So remember the story about that woman who sent her adopted Russian child back to Moscow alone and led to Russia over-reacting and halting all adoptions to the US?  Well, Russia’s gotten even more ridiculous in its demands.  It wants a new treaty signed saying that Russian officials have the right to go into any homes in the US which house children adopted from Russia at any time for any reason.  And they’re demanding that US families “maintain the Russian language, culture, and traditions” of all adopted children.  Umm no.  The name of the game is assimilation.  I’m not saying they should be completely Americanized and totally forget that they’re Russian, but if they’re living in America with an American family, they should adopt the American culture.  Just like an American living in Russia would be expected to adopt the Russian culture.  I just really pity the 700,000 orphaned or abandoned Russian kids who are caught in the middle of this.

2.  LJB needs to stop.  HIS lost a refund check for $66,000 and now LJB is fixated on refunds.  I contact these people about once a week because I’ve been busy printing out all the stuff for the files and picking up the slack from Peterson and Kerbins (who were supposed to do BK, but who I have to “help” because they’re idiotically slow).  If he’s so worried about these Auths, why doesn’t he call them himself? Or, better yet, why don’t we just deposit the checks since we have self-executing retainers on 98% of the cases that say we can!

3.  What is wrong with our clients?  I talked to this woman yesterday, and she called back and called me Amanda.  No big deal since I can see how she got to that name, but then I sent her an email (which had my full name) and she writes back “thx liz!”  Liz?  Where did that come from?

4. I think(re: hope) I chased my roommie from the living room.  She used to be down there at her desk all the time, but then I started watching tv while I ate dinner, and this week she hasn’t been down there at all (here’s hoping I don’t jinx it lol).

5.  Tea is healthier than water.  Yay!


A group from the Research in Archives of Internal Medicine claims that chocolate is linked to depression!  Apparently a study of 1,000 men and women found that moods were lower the more chocolate they ate. They compared it to alcohol, saying that it might raise your mood in the short term and then lead to depression in the long term.  There must have been something wrong with their subjects…..

As someone who’s usually 100% behind science, in this case I’m going to have to reject their ‘reality’ and replace it with my own.  Chocolate is amazing, it makes me happy, and nothing they say will ever stop me from eating it 😉


I was watching one of my ID shows last night about this girl who was murdered and her stepfather did something that sent chills up my spine and creeped me out so much that I just had to share.

So his stepdaughter was killed and within days he asked police for her cell phone (which they gave him! What were they thinking?!). The host asked him why he wanted it and he said “I’m a cheapskate. It was activated, so why not use it? I just took out her contacts and put in my own.”

Oh. My. God. Doesn’t that creep you out??? The host was a little freaked and he was like “don’t you think that’s odd….ghoulish?” The stepfather shrugged and was like “I never thought of it like that. It just made financial sense.” And then the *mother* was like “I didn’t think it was weird either. Nona would have wanted him to use it”

I know this girl wasn’t his biological kid, but he kept talking about how he loved her and how furious he was with the person he thought did it (even though there was no real evidence and he was acquitted). Idk about you guys, but if someone close to me was brutally murdered, the last thing on my mind would be how I could save money from it!

Part of the family

Yesterday my iPhone got a little water in it and acted weird for about 10-15 minutes. Every time I opened something, a little warning would pop up saying “this app was not made for iPhone. Switch to airplane mode?” and my headphones didn’t work. After frantically google searching while trying not to have a seizure, I found out that this is normal and I just have to let it dry. I think the wait gave me gray hair.

See, my iPhone isn’t just a piece of technology. It’s like my baby. It holds practically my whole life. If I lost the contact info on here, it would take me forever to get it back and I would feel soooooo isolated. I’m not so attached that I can’t function without it, but I wouldn’t be having a good time while I did…..

Sell out

One of the first posts I ever wrote was about Kat VonD and her tattoo show, LA Ink.  I used to love that show.  Kat, Corey, Kim, and Hannah were the main artists and they were all amazing.  But after the second season Kim and Hannah left, and new people were brought on.  I didn’t watch it for a couple years because I didn’t have cable and it’s not online (at least, not on the sites I use), but this weekend I happened to catch a marathon of the most recent season.  And it’s horrible. Kat’s completely sold out.  I think it’s because she’s great at art, but not so great at business, so she kind of did whatever the producers thought would bring higher ratings.

See, after Kim and Hannah left, they hired a shop manager named Aubry who was like the typically valley girl.  She was a complete idiot and didn’t get along with anyone.  After months she still didn’t know how to do the most basic things, everyone was frustrated with her and it was just drama, drama, drama in the end.  Then she got fired and I figured the show would go back to its roots.  But no.  They hired another shop manager with the same stupid valley girl personality, but to make it even “better,” they made sure she was a cutthroat bitch.   She goes around trying to start stuff with everyone.  She even lies and purposefully brings up sensitive topics to try to get other people to fight (like talking to Corey about how he had told her once that he missed working at his own shop in front of Kat, his boss….).  And when she gave Corey a week off without checking with Kat and Kat flipped on her, she called Corey and told him that Kat didn’t think he deserved time off, which was the complete opposite of what Kat actually said.  Then when she and Aubry met up to complain about LA Ink, she told Aubry she sees everyone at LA Ink as “puppets” and she’s the one in control.  Right….. It was like I was watching The Hills or something.

They also spend about a third or half of the show at another tattoo shop staffed by artists who didn’t make it at LA Ink (and managed by none other than Aubry). As one commenter put it, “I’m not tuning in to watch ‘People who got fired from LA Ink.’”  Idk, it’s just soooo annoying because this is supposed to be a show about tattooing, and in the first two seasons it def was.  But now it seems like the tattoos have taken a backseat to the drama.  Seriously, if I wanted to watch backstabbing, whiny, catty people, I’d turn on Gossip Girl.

The Oxymoron of Italian Justice

I watched a special the other night about the Amanda Knox case.  For those who don’t know, Amanda Knox is an American student who was studying in Perugia Italy when her British roommate Meredith Kercher was murdered on November 1, 2007.  A jury of 6 people and 2 judges found her guilty of murder in December with pretty much no evidence whatsoever.

Here’s the main “evidence” against her:

1.  She “confessed” and implicated an innocent person after being questioned for 40 hours without an interpreter by police who mistreated her (the woman questioning her was being investigated for striking other inmates as well).  She later retracted the statement, for obvious reasons.

2. She doesn’t have a solid alibi because the ex-bf she was with is also being charged, so they obv don’t believe him.

3.  Police reports claim that Knox’s DNA was mixed with Kercher’s in various parts of the house, though Knox had none of the wounds one would suspect given the defensive wounds on Meredith.  In fact, the fingerprint and DNA of Guede (who was also convicted of this crime) were the only real evidence.  Police claimed that Knox’s DNA was found on a bra strap which was collected two months after the killing, and after it had been moved by police several times.

4. Police also claimed to find the murder weapon in her ex-bf’s apartment, with Knox’s DNA on the handle and Kercher’s on the blade.  Damning evidence, right?  Not so fast.  Forensic experts say the so-called murder weapon is inconsistent with at least one of the wounds (to which police replied that there must have been two knives then), the amount of Kercher’s DNA was miniscule, and the method used to test for it is highly disputed.  The fact that the police refused to let an independent analyst test the knife and the above-referenced mixed DNA should tell you something about how sure they are of their findings…..

5.  Meredith’s body was covered by a duvet, which only a woman would do, so clearly Knox did it.  Not kidding, this is literally an argument the prosecution made.

6.  She and her bf turned off their phones that night, so they clearly were murdering someone.

7.  She acted strangely after the murder, allegedly doing cartweels in the police station.  Yes, that’s very odd, but maybe that’s her way of coping with the fact that her roommate was just brutally murdered…..

Now here are some more of the issues I have with this whole thing:

1.  No one can seem to find a motive.  The prosecutor, who is known for making up extravagant tales (and who was found guilty of abusing his office in January 2010….), changed his theory from a satanic orgy killing to revenge against a “prissy” roommate to a sex game gone bad.  The jury decided there was no motive, but that she just did it in the heat of the moment under the influence of drugs and alcohol… know, the drugs and alcohol not found in her system.  And doesn’t it just make perfect sense that someone with no history of violence would randomly decide to murder?

2. Media claimed that her Myspace name Foxy Knoxy proved that she was a sex addict, when it was actually a name given to her by her soccer teammates when she was a tween for her style of play…..

3.  The prosecution claims that Knox was the mastermind of the whole thing and convinced Guede (whom she had been introduced to once, briefly) and her bf of 6 days to murder Kercher.  Yeah….that seems likely.

4. The jury meets only twice a week or so, meaning the trial is incredibly slow, and they’re not shielded from outside events.  So when the Italian media was painting “Foxy Knoxy” as a vicious sex killer, they were exposed to it all.  She was considered guilty before the trial even started, so what chance did she have?

Apparently convictions of innocent people are the norm in Italy, and many convicts succeed upon appeal (which Knox’s lawyers just filed on April 22).  For her sake, I really hope she is successful.  It’s one thing if I can see how she might have been found guilty, or see how she might have done it, but there’s literally no viable evidence against her here.  The media decided she was guilty within days of the crime, and the police made it happen. And that really just ticks me off.