Drama, drama, drama

Gotta love ending the work week with office drama….lol.  See, I just got in a fight with my coworker S.  It’s easier to do dialogue, so:

S(with a Queens file): “I saw that the numbers weren’t filed on this but they still should have been entered in the computer.”

Me (who, btw, has a small cold and my period at the same time and is therefore in no mood for anything): “Yeah, but I didn’t have anything to do with putting them in.” (thinking, from her tone and wording, that she was asking why I hadn’t entered it, because otherwise it has nothing to do with me….)

S (heavy, annoyed sigh):   “They still need to be entered and they weren’t.”

Me: “Okay.”

S (sighing heavily again):  “So when you see something like this, you need to do it.”

Me:  “Okay, fine.”

S: “why are you having an attitude with me? I’m not having an attitude with you.  I don’t appreciate when people have attitudes with me.”

Me:  “Me neither.”

S: “What is your problem? I don’t appreciate this.”

Me:  “I’m not in the mood.  Besides, we’ve never gotten along.”

S: “What do you mean we’ve never gotten along?  I never talk to you unless it’s about business.”

Me:  “I know.  I’ll do what I have to do with the files. Anything else?”

S (huffing and walking away): “Whatever.  Just do it.”

Okay, now if I had had more energy or cared more, this could have gotten ugly, but it was just pointless.  I mean, maybe it’s just how she is, but she always seems rude and confrontational when she speaks, which is why I got a little annoyed after her first couple sentences.  All she had to say was “if you see numbers that weren’t filed, make sure you enter them.”  That’s it, so why didn’t she?  And as far as me having an attitude, yeah I had a small one, but it could have been sooooo much worse, and she’s not exactly little miss polite either…..

Oh, but it got better.  A little later we had both printed at the same time and her stuff was mixed in with mine so I was pulling it out and putting it on the counter.  Apparently this was “disrespectful” (I honestly hadn’t noticed she had moved next to me and wasn’t in her chair anymore) so she grabbed the papers and started cursing about how “she was gonna fucking kill me,” but under her breath.  It’s like, really?  Grow up. True, I could have been more mature during our exchanges, but I was already annoyed because she told me (didn’t ask me, told me, as if she’s my boss) that after I finished printing all the I&Es and supplementals for Bronx, that I was going to have to do the supplementals.  This is what she’s supposed to have been working on for the past month, so while I don’t care about physically doing it, it’s annoying that she’s once again passing off some of her job onto me and Jelisa, then being bitchy when she’s not the favorite (and just FYI, last year I did this for Queens and half of Brooklyn, only to find out later that she stopped halfway through Manhattan, so I had to do a lot of those too…..which is why I don’t have very much respect for her at all lol)


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