Survivor: Small Town Edition

I’m not a fan of reality tv.  I’ve never watched American Idol or Survivor or Big Brother or anything like that, but there’s one show I’d like to see.  It’d be like Survivor, except you would take people who grew up in NYC or LA or some other large city, and make them survive in Small Town, USA.  I think most of them would go completely insane 😉

I just thought about this when I was in the elevator with a woman in the morning and she was telling her coworker how she’d “been in Washington state and the area was nice, but when she got back to NY she felt so relieved to be back in civilization.”  I’d like to see how people like this woman, JChin, and EK manage (oh, and no, EK, it wouldn’t be during tanning season….so there goes that option….lol)


One Response to “Survivor: Small Town Edition”

  1. kive87 Says:

    It’s ok, I have sleeping pills! 🙂

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