Cigarette Wars

For EK’s amusement…..

My coworker M is a huge smoker.  I detest cigarettes.  So I used to harass him whenever he would go down to smoke (about once every 90 minutes or so).  Eventually this progressed to me stealing his cigarettes to try to make him wait longer.  Over a period of several months I’ve really worn him down and now he only goes once every two hours. He says he doesn’t fight because he wouldn’t mind cutting down or quitting, which might be true, but I think my being a nag had a bigger role to play 😀   But it’s gotten even better.  He’s now completely whipped when it comes to this lol.  See, I don’t even have to steal his cigarettes anymore….he gives them to me when he goes down to lunch so I know he hasn’t snuck an extra one (and yes, I take the lighter too so he can’t just have one in his pocket lol).

A couple days ago I decided to count how many cigs were left, and then counted them the next day to see if he had stuck to the no more than once every two hours rule at home, which he assured me he had.  Turns out, he snuck an extra one that night, and I caught him and called him out. He couldn’t believe I noticed, lol!  Then later that day he missed his 2’oclock “appt” so I told him that “look, you get to go at 12, 2, and 4:30.  That’s the schedule you made up.  You missed 2, so now you have to wait.”  I was just messing with him, but then he came up with the idea that he would cut the last 1/3 or 1/4 of his cigs off from now on, to try to wean himself off the nicotine, if I would just let him go down.  It’s so nice that he’s taking the initiative now 😀


One Response to “Cigarette Wars”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Lolllllll wow! M?? Really??? Start doing this to JC!

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