Rise above

Lately I’ve been less stressed than I have been in the past few months. I think it’s because I’ve decided to try to “rise above” the things that used to annoy me. I don’t go on Yahoo Answers religion site anymore, so I mostly forget about the religious hate in the world. I let my cousin’s uber-religious statements go because her baby’s still in the hospital, so whatever makes her feel better is fine. And I don’t read the comments on political and economic articles, again because of the prevelant hate speech. Though, I did read a few today and got a good lol from the Repubs attacking the President by throwing around economic terms which they clearly have no idea what they mean….

I’m also “rising above” the issues at work. I’ll still vent about incidents, but who needs to let that office drama get to them? And even though I really don’t like my job, there’s an end in sight, so rather than dreading these next 8 months, I might as well be content if I can’t be happy.

It’s so much nicer to be happy 🙂


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