My mgmt 3300 prof is old.  Really, really old.  And it’s painfully apparent during his lectures that he still hasn’t figured out it’s 2010.  Almost every single class he talks about the “new trend” of women and minorities in the workforce.  New trend?  Maybe 50 years ago……

And he’s so cynical about this “trend” that it’s both annoying and depressing.  He’s always making comments about how we’re all going to face a lot of discrimination in the workplace and creates scenarios like the one where a woman gets promoted and a bunch of women and men protest and say that they won’t work for a woman and asks us what we would do.  Then when we say that we’d tell them to get used to it or find another job, he goes on and on about what a “dilemma” it is and how “it’s not always easy to know what to do.”  All of the scenarios he comes up with are things like that, and they seem a generation or two behind the times and completely unrealistic, which is why he just isn’t connecting with anyone.  I feel kind of bad but at the same time, it’s not the 1960s anymore!


3 Responses to “Throwback”

  1. thenakedlistener Says:

    Gee-whiz, it wasn’t even like that even in the ’70s. No, I think your prof is actually a time traveller from the Crimean War.

  2. kive87 Says:

    Is he 100 years old? My con law prof said cool at least 15 times when I went to hid office today and then we bonded that his office was always a mess and so was my room.

  3. AD Says:

    I don’t know how old he is exactly, but he did say that WWII “feels like yesterday”….

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