Sell out

One of the first posts I ever wrote was about Kat VonD and her tattoo show, LA Ink.  I used to love that show.  Kat, Corey, Kim, and Hannah were the main artists and they were all amazing.  But after the second season Kim and Hannah left, and new people were brought on.  I didn’t watch it for a couple years because I didn’t have cable and it’s not online (at least, not on the sites I use), but this weekend I happened to catch a marathon of the most recent season.  And it’s horrible. Kat’s completely sold out.  I think it’s because she’s great at art, but not so great at business, so she kind of did whatever the producers thought would bring higher ratings.

See, after Kim and Hannah left, they hired a shop manager named Aubry who was like the typically valley girl.  She was a complete idiot and didn’t get along with anyone.  After months she still didn’t know how to do the most basic things, everyone was frustrated with her and it was just drama, drama, drama in the end.  Then she got fired and I figured the show would go back to its roots.  But no.  They hired another shop manager with the same stupid valley girl personality, but to make it even “better,” they made sure she was a cutthroat bitch.   She goes around trying to start stuff with everyone.  She even lies and purposefully brings up sensitive topics to try to get other people to fight (like talking to Corey about how he had told her once that he missed working at his own shop in front of Kat, his boss….).  And when she gave Corey a week off without checking with Kat and Kat flipped on her, she called Corey and told him that Kat didn’t think he deserved time off, which was the complete opposite of what Kat actually said.  Then when she and Aubry met up to complain about LA Ink, she told Aubry she sees everyone at LA Ink as “puppets” and she’s the one in control.  Right….. It was like I was watching The Hills or something.

They also spend about a third or half of the show at another tattoo shop staffed by artists who didn’t make it at LA Ink (and managed by none other than Aubry). As one commenter put it, “I’m not tuning in to watch ‘People who got fired from LA Ink.’”  Idk, it’s just soooo annoying because this is supposed to be a show about tattooing, and in the first two seasons it def was.  But now it seems like the tattoos have taken a backseat to the drama.  Seriously, if I wanted to watch backstabbing, whiny, catty people, I’d turn on Gossip Girl.


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