I was watching one of my ID shows last night about this girl who was murdered and her stepfather did something that sent chills up my spine and creeped me out so much that I just had to share.

So his stepdaughter was killed and within days he asked police for her cell phone (which they gave him! What were they thinking?!). The host asked him why he wanted it and he said “I’m a cheapskate. It was activated, so why not use it? I just took out her contacts and put in my own.”

Oh. My. God. Doesn’t that creep you out??? The host was a little freaked and he was like “don’t you think that’s odd….ghoulish?” The stepfather shrugged and was like “I never thought of it like that. It just made financial sense.” And then the *mother* was like “I didn’t think it was weird either. Nona would have wanted him to use it”

I know this girl wasn’t his biological kid, but he kept talking about how he loved her and how furious he was with the person he thought did it (even though there was no real evidence and he was acquitted). Idk about you guys, but if someone close to me was brutally murdered, the last thing on my mind would be how I could save money from it!


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