Random Blurbs

1.  So remember the story about that woman who sent her adopted Russian child back to Moscow alone and led to Russia over-reacting and halting all adoptions to the US?  Well, Russia’s gotten even more ridiculous in its demands.  It wants a new treaty signed saying that Russian officials have the right to go into any homes in the US which house children adopted from Russia at any time for any reason.  And they’re demanding that US families “maintain the Russian language, culture, and traditions” of all adopted children.  Umm no.  The name of the game is assimilation.  I’m not saying they should be completely Americanized and totally forget that they’re Russian, but if they’re living in America with an American family, they should adopt the American culture.  Just like an American living in Russia would be expected to adopt the Russian culture.  I just really pity the 700,000 orphaned or abandoned Russian kids who are caught in the middle of this.

2.  LJB needs to stop.  HIS lost a refund check for $66,000 and now LJB is fixated on refunds.  I contact these people about once a week because I’ve been busy printing out all the stuff for the files and picking up the slack from Peterson and Kerbins (who were supposed to do BK, but who I have to “help” because they’re idiotically slow).  If he’s so worried about these Auths, why doesn’t he call them himself? Or, better yet, why don’t we just deposit the checks since we have self-executing retainers on 98% of the cases that say we can!

3.  What is wrong with our clients?  I talked to this woman yesterday, and she called back and called me Amanda.  No big deal since I can see how she got to that name, but then I sent her an email (which had my full name) and she writes back “thx liz!”  Liz?  Where did that come from?

4. I think(re: hope) I chased my roommie from the living room.  She used to be down there at her desk all the time, but then I started watching tv while I ate dinner, and this week she hasn’t been down there at all (here’s hoping I don’t jinx it lol).

5.  Tea is healthier than water.  Yay!


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