Never let LJB get bored…

Our office has one of the most idiotic filing systems ever. LJB likes to go around changing it from client id order to block and lot order to supplementals over here and others over there etc, etc, etc. No one really knows how it works and just when you figure it out, he changes it!

Take today for example. He made two guys pull out all the cases that aren’t getting hearings then he made me, AC, EK, Jel, and R change the back from block and lot to client id order which not only took a lot of time, but was completely pointless. If we want to know if it’s getting a hearing or is this or that, we can just look in the computer. But M said that reasoning doesn’t work with LJB and he saw this change coming because this is what LJB does when he’s bored and thinks no one is doing any work (you know, since he has nothing to do with prepping the cases for hearings he assumes we’re not actually doing anything). It’s just annoying because lugging files from here to there and back again is not exactly one of my favorite things. Especially when I have TC cases needing to be prepped sitting on my desk….


Turkish hostel

So I think my roommate is running some Turkish hostel or something because the number of Turkish people in my house just keeps growing…. She’s had her mom (I assume, since the lady’s in her 40s or 50s) here for a few days and now there’s another chick.  The mom kind of creeps me out.  I came down on Sunday morning and she was cleaning the kitchen, which was nice but it’s just like ‘I appreciate it, but I’m hungry so move you strange person.’  Then yesterday the three of them were out on the porch when I came home and made myself eggs.  I put milk in my eggs because that’s how my mom always made them, and I look up and the mom is staring at me.  Then she starts talking to me in Turkish and gesturing.  I just blankly stared at her because, you know, I don’t speak Turkish, until the friend was like “she’s asking you if you put milk in your eggs.”  I said yes, but in my mind I was thinking ‘1) why are you even asking, you saw me put the milk in the eggs; and 2) can I make my dinner in peace without you staring at me?’  Oh, and then the friend tried making small talk with me.  I hate small talk.  Especially with the friends of the roommates I don’t really talk to either.  And then roommate offered me Turkish tea.  I turned her down but it was weird because we never talk….I think her mother must have told her to or something.  All I know is that I just wanted to make and eat my dinner in silence and they were not letting that happen.

Oh, and in the continuing saga of work-related drama, S was a bitch again today.  I’m beginning to think she doesn’t know how not to be.  She told SJG to give me cases to put back together and I was just like “I’ve never done this.  I mean, I’m sure it’s not hard, you just prong everything in, right?”  SJG was like “well yeah, but you have to write the attorney’s and dates and other stuff.  Why did S tell me you knew how to do this?”  Me: “Idk, she should know I’ve never done it.  But I’ll do it if you tell me how.”  But SJG was annoyed and called S over and was like “why’d you tell me she knew how to do this?”  Instead of answering, S huffed really loudly and yanked the box off my desk.  SJG was a little ticked and I was just annoyed.  I mean, was that really necessary?  I know she’s in hot water at work because she keeps screwing up the prep work, but that’s not my problem.


The moon hangs in the sky over a mountain in the alpine village of Sestriere, Italy.

A South Korean employee waits by escalators at the site of the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

My time is not your time

It annoys me when LJB tries to micro-manage my work, but it freaking ticks me off when he tries to micro-manage my life/non-work related actions.  I go out to lunch maybe once a year.  Literally.  Today was that day because EK forgot her lunch and invited me out.  Apparently LJB was pissed that we left and started yelling and took it out on JChin.  While JChin and I are back on the rocks (because she’s back in freak-out-over-nothing mode and I’m still in don’t-want-to-deal-with-your-sh*t mode), I’m not happy that she got the brunt of his irrational anger.  And yes, it’s totally irrational because since when do I have to ask permission to go to lunch?  I’m a part-timer (EK too) which means that if I choose to go out to lunch, I don’t get paid.  It’s not like I’m taking advantage of company time.

We were gone just a little over an hour because the line was really long, but again, it’s not like we’re salaried with an allotment of a 60 minute lunch, so why is it a big deal?  And the fact that JChin and Jacky had gone out to lunch while we were gone and Jelisa wasn’t here at all today has nothing to do with us.  So there weren’t 6 people here to answer the phone, so what?  And if you want to blame someone, blame the people who left after we did but before we came back.  Ugh, it’s just so annoying.  And I’m sure when JChin comes back she’ll mention something, but last I checked I have the right to go get food just like everyone else without begging permission first.

PS:  M said that LJB was more mad at EK than me and went around mumbling that “people come back and they think it’s a vacation” which really ticked me off even more because she does everything he tells her to and goes around looking for work.  It’s not her fault that there’s not that much.  And honestly, I think he was annoyed with her because she brought up that she had left LJB making $12/hr and he was only paying her $10, which is what he pays new people.  He tried to play it off like he didn’t notice, but it was totally intentional and it’s so annoying because it’s only $2.  You’re really going to annoy a good worker because you don’t want to pay them $2 more per hour?

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Six Flags Great Adventure

I went to Six Flags with EK and her brother yesterday and it was soooo much fun.  Not only did I get to ride a bunch of roller coasters, I actually learned quite a few things as well:

1.  Google maps > GPS.  Actually, if you want to be technical, Google anything > everything else.

2.  EK’s GPS is in cahoots with the axe murderers who frequent backwater NJ roads.  At least, that’s the only explanation I can come up with for why it wouldn’t take us to the highway which was right there.

3.  Trains > buses.  They’re faster and there’s 0% chance that the train won’t stop at the right place.  Not bad considering it’s only $4 more expensive.

4.  EK drives like a maniac and is afraid of heights.  Who knew?  Oh, and she’s a screamer 😉

5. Six Flags Great Adventure attracts such a….ghetto crowd.  Especially later in the day.

6.  Six Flags security likes to congregate in large groups when you exit a ride, but are nowhere to be found when a disrespectful, classless, black 23-year old from “the hood” decides to light up a cigarette right behind you.  But when a mother who took her kid to the bathroom while the dad held their spot tries to get back in line, they’re all over her because she doesn’t have a “parent’s pass.”  Good job guys…..

7. EK’s mom is so sweet and cute, even if she does try to stuff me with food each time I see her 🙂

8.  Montego Bay shoes are awesome.  I love their flip flops and I wore a brand new pair of their sandals to Six Flags, and the only irritation was my own fault because I tightened them more than usual so they wouldn’t fall off on the rides.  For only $22, that’s amazing 🙂

And just for my future reference, here’s what we did:

Bizarro. This was everyone's favorite. The ride was awesome and it even had a soundtrack lol. The only thing it needed, to quote EK, was "more fire."

Superman. Not bad. But that huge loop where you go headfirst was quite disorienting.

Kingda Ka. The tallest, fastest coaster in the world. The launch was fun, but the rest was blah. I mean, you just go up and then go down and it's over in like 20 seconds.

El Toro. The only wooden coaster we went on. It was fun and scary, but I'm not a huge fan of wooden coasters.

Skull Mountain. An indoor roller coaster that was very, very blah

Nitro. Soooo much fun. There's only a lap bar which freaked EK out. When I pretended I was going to make her put her hands up, I thought she would have killed me if she wasn't too scared to let go 😉

Great American Scream Machine. Fun, but nothing spectacular.

Batman. It's a carbon copy of the one in STL and it made me a little homesick....while making EK a little sick in general haha

We ended the day with the Carousel. EK chose the rooster, of course 🙂

Girl Power

One of the best things about being a girl are boobs.  Boobs are powerful tools.  Take yesterday, for example.  I was wearing a low cut shirt and my coworker M sent me down to get him a Starbucks refill.  If you stay in the store, refills are $.50, but since he didn’t we figured it would be full price.  But since I was “cute” according to the Starbuck’s guy, I got the refill price.  I came back up, gave M his change and told him that he’d be proud of me because in the words of the Starbuck’s guy “your friend’s got the hook up” lol.  M apparently was amazed and said he couldn’t believe I had it in me.  But just because I don’t flaunt it all the often doesn’t mean I don’t know how to use it when I do 😉

Cupid’s Arrow :)

As mentioned a couple blogs ago, I joined the dating site okcupid because I was bored.  I’ve gotten a lot of messages, but only really emailed with three guys.

1.  Soldier guy:  He used to be in the army (which is major points with me), seems down to earth, and we have a lot in common. We emailed back and forth a few times, but he didn’t respond to my last email, even though he added me to his favorites list after I sent the message.  It’s like ‘wtf? why would you add me if you’re not going to answer?’  My friends think that he’s just being a guy and forgetting about it, but Idk….personally I think he may just not be interested anymore, which would be sad, but not devastating or anything.  And I’m not upset that he would just break it off by not responding, because that’s how I respond sometimes too, so it’d be hypocritical for me to get mad about that.

2.  Football guy.  He’s obsessed with football, which is one reason why this isn’t going to work.  Not that I have anything against people who love sports (I love sports) but football is his life and I hate football.  He plays football (at Em’s school btw), is studying coaching, and wants to spend his life teaching high school PE.  He’s also really open about religion and politics. And he mentioned the marriage word.  Not me and him getting married, but the fact that it’s even remotely on his mind is a little creepy….. And while we agree on most political and religious things, it’s still a little soon to be completely open about it.  We’ve only been emailing for four days, and sometimes being so open so soon can be bad.  If I judged some of my best friends based solely on their political and religious beliefs, we would not be friends at all and that would be a horrible loss 😦

3.  Travel guy.  He’s not interested in me as a person, just me as a traveler.  He saw that I went to Russia and plan to go on other European trips and he’s emailed me asking for advice about choosing places to go, figuring out what to do, and where to stay.  He doesn’t try to make small talk, so this really is about me being his own personal travel agent, but at least he’s aware and apologetic about it, so I usually tell him what he wants without doing much work looking into it.

PS:  You know what I hate?  There’s a feature on okCupid where you can “wink” at someone.  It’s like poking on facebook and you get a message saying “I winked at you.  If you want to strike up a conversation, reply with something interesting.”  Umm….no.  If you can’t take 10 minutes to type out an email showing that you’ve at least scanned my profile, you’re not getting any attention from me.