I talked to E on Sunday after her bf Z had come to visit her in France after the two of them went to Ireland together.  One of E’s biggest complaints is that Z isn’t “romantic,” so I asked if he’d gotten better.  She said “no, but he likes me more now.  He knows I know he cares about me, so he doesn’t see the point in acting like it.”  Oooookay, I guess that’s something…..  But they got in a little fight after dinner one night over something not worth fighting over.

Normally when they go out, they split the bill.  I like that approach.  That way, neither person feels like they’re always paying, and it makes it special when one of you decides to treat (and stop typing that comment EK–we’re not all gold diggers lol).  Anyway, Z decided to treat her for her b-day.  They ended up at an Asian place and E kept pestering him to eat with chopsticks like she was, and Z made a comment that “he paid for it, so he’d eat with a fork if he wanted to.”  According to E, his tone wasn’t snappy or anything, more like playful, but it still upset her enough to bring it up later.  Her problem was that if he was treating her, he shouldn’t be thinking about money or how much it costs, he should be thinking about it as a gift.  My problem with her problem is that it wasn’t like he said “order the cheapest thing on the menu because I’m paying” or “wow, this place is expensive” or something like that.  He was just being a guy saying something that unwittingly offended his gf.  They all do it, and girls do it too.

Apparently when she confronted him he felt all guilty and apologized.  What a wimp lol.  I mean, if I were him I’d be like “I’m sorry you got upset because I didn’t mean it like that,” but I wouldn’t apologize for saying it or feel too guilty about it.  Idk, their relationship is certainly….interesting.  I never saw E as one to stir up drama, but she picks the stupidest fights with this kid and it’s just like, come on!  How am I supposed to play the supportive friend when I think you’re being a hyper-sensitive drama queen!


One Response to “Hyper-sensitive”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Hey hey hey I’m not a gold digger but the man should always pay it’s just good manners. Guy feeds you, girl puts out – it’s been like this since the cavemans 🙂 Regardless, money shouldn’t be spoken off and his comment was rude.

    Also, she know he likes her so he doesn’t have to act like he likes her??? And you call my friends crazy???

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