Smarty Pants

My fave class this semester has been international economics and finance.  The prof is amazing.  He has a lot of experience and knows how to explain things in a way that everyone can understand.  But there are around 4 people in that class who like to think they’re smarter than everyone else and try to make simple concepts wayyyyy more complex by adding in details that you might occasionally encounter in real life.  Which would be great, except that this is not a class about a certain client at the back where they work.  Of course it’s going to be more complex in the real world, but this class is about getting the concepts and even though I can usually follow what’s being said, it throws off other people so the prof has to take up class time to set them straight again.  These four people routinely interrupt the professor, debate with each other, and ask about irrelevant details (like the exact interest rate market or what Libor was at the time—which can be useful in some problems, but not in others) only to make themselves look intelligent.

Idk, it’s just really annoying because I’m not paying to listen to these know-it-alls who think that because they work at a bank they’re experts on all things econ and finance. I’d rather listen to the 42 year old rich and extremely successful management and finance consultant whose name is on the syllabus.


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