One of my new hobbies for whenever I’m bored and don’t know what to do is browsing ModelMayhem.  It’s a website where both aspiring and established models, photographers, makeup artists, costume designers, etc get together to display their work, network, and land gigs.  I find that I like the photographers’ portfolios the most because they have variety and most of these people are very good.  Not to say I don’t like the models—a lot of them, like my ex-roommie Francis—are very good too, but I just like the camera people better.

Anyway, I’ve quickly figured out how to spot the aspiring from the established when it comes to models.  It’s actually painfully apparent, which is sad since I don’t have any experience in this field, so I can only imagine what other models think.  But who knows, I could be completely wrong in my assessment.  See, what I think defines a wannabe is the amount of nudity in her profile.  The really good models whose pictures I love to look at, do have some nudity of course, because sex sells and they clearly have awesome bodies if they’re models, but they also have plenty of pics with clothes on.  Which, to me, means that they’re good enough and taken seriously enough by the people booking them that it’s not all about their boobs and butt.

Obv it takes a certain talent and a lot of luck to be a model.  You have to be tall-ish, with about 99% less fat than the rest of society, with good facial structure, good coloring, etc.  And while a lot of these girls have it, a lot of them just don’t.


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