Something’s in the water…..

There must be something in the water fountain at the Mid-Manhattan public library because the people who work there are weird…..well, I shouldn’t say they’re all weird, but considering the fact that I’ve gotten snapped at and/or lectured by two different workers in one week, I think something’s up….

The first time was last Friday, when I was picking up the movie Heavenly Creatures (which is a drama about a real life murder in which two teens kill one teen’s mother, and it’s Kate Winslet’s first ever film credit FYI) and on my way out, the librarian asked me to take a short survey to “save the library.”  I figured why not?  So I sat down and it was taking forever to move from one page to the next, so what should have been a 5 minute survey was taking like 15 minutes.  Towards the end the lady came over and asked how I was doing.  I’d been waiting for a page to load for about 2 minutes so I shrugged and was like “Fine.  But the wi-fi’s a little slow right now.” Her face froze into an expressionless mask, she gave me a cold, tight-lipped smile, and very brusquely was like “you’ll be done soon” and walked away.  She was acting like I was personally attacking her and the library which she apparently is in love with, when in reality I was only casually stating a fact…I mean, I wasn’t making the pages load slooooooooowly on purpose…….

Then today I got a little mini lecture and it’s all EK’s fault.  See, she watched The Stoning of Soraya M and blogged about it, and got me interested enough to watch it.  I could have watched it on my computer, but I decided to just order it from the library instead.  When I picked it up and was checking it out today, the girl started reading the cover, got a look of disgust on her face, and was like “Ugh, the girl just died, you people need to let her rest instead of exploiting her.”  I didn’t say anything but it’s like “ummm…who asked you?  Yeah, it’s sad, but it’s important that her story is out there.  It’s not like I’m watching it for amusement.  If you don’t like it, don’t rent it but I’m pretty sure your job description doesn’t contain ‘analyze the choices of patrons and tell them what you think about it.’”


One Response to “Something’s in the water…..”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Lol oh my god…that is so weird.
    Also, no she didn’t just die she was brutally murdered by the people who she grew up with her whole life in front of 2 of her children so no she didn’t just die.

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