Stoning of Soraya M

This movie is one of the major reasons why I hate religion.  People use it to justify the unjustifiable, and write everything off as “god’s will.”  The stoning seen in this movie is hands-down the most disturbing thing I have ever seen.  Even more so because it actually happened.  And it’s still happening every day.

Basically, Soraya M was a 35 year old living in a remote Iranian village when her husband got tired of her and wanted to marry a 14 year old girl, but Soraya wouldn’t agree to a divorce, so he decided to accuse her of adultery–an offense punishable by stoning (of course, usually only the woman is stoned.  The man, if he’s punished at all, might get a few lashes or some time in prison.  Rarely does he also die).  Soraya’s husband intimidated her employer into lying and convinced the village to convict her.  She was buried up to the waist and stoned to death.  The throwers included her father and sons.  The world only knows her story because of her aunt Zahra, who cornered a stranded French journalist and told him the story.

This is disturbing on way too many levels to count.  The whole time I was watching the stoning scene, I just kept thinking of what a horrible, painful, slow way to die it was.  How people could do that to another human being I will never understand.  I don’t care what your Sharia law says, no one has the right to take another’s life.  I was doing a little research and while stoning is not usually a sentence administered by legal courts, it’s still widely practiced.  In fact, a survey in Pakistan in August 2009 found that 83% of the population supported stoning adulterers.

One of the reasons that I was annoyed when the nosy librarian told me that we should “let her rest in peace instead of exploiting her” is that the world needs to know!  If we don’t know, how can we stop it?  We can’t keep pretending this isn’t happening.  I’m usually against the US interfering in the matters of other countries, but basic human rights are basic human rights, and life is one of those rights.  Stoning people or committing “honor killings” of daughters or wives who have “disgraced” the family cannot continue.  And if those of us in the richest, freest nations in the world aren’t willing to stand up and say enough is enough, who will?


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