Cupid’s Arrow :)

As mentioned a couple blogs ago, I joined the dating site okcupid because I was bored.  I’ve gotten a lot of messages, but only really emailed with three guys.

1.  Soldier guy:  He used to be in the army (which is major points with me), seems down to earth, and we have a lot in common. We emailed back and forth a few times, but he didn’t respond to my last email, even though he added me to his favorites list after I sent the message.  It’s like ‘wtf? why would you add me if you’re not going to answer?’  My friends think that he’s just being a guy and forgetting about it, but Idk….personally I think he may just not be interested anymore, which would be sad, but not devastating or anything.  And I’m not upset that he would just break it off by not responding, because that’s how I respond sometimes too, so it’d be hypocritical for me to get mad about that.

2.  Football guy.  He’s obsessed with football, which is one reason why this isn’t going to work.  Not that I have anything against people who love sports (I love sports) but football is his life and I hate football.  He plays football (at Em’s school btw), is studying coaching, and wants to spend his life teaching high school PE.  He’s also really open about religion and politics. And he mentioned the marriage word.  Not me and him getting married, but the fact that it’s even remotely on his mind is a little creepy….. And while we agree on most political and religious things, it’s still a little soon to be completely open about it.  We’ve only been emailing for four days, and sometimes being so open so soon can be bad.  If I judged some of my best friends based solely on their political and religious beliefs, we would not be friends at all and that would be a horrible loss 😦

3.  Travel guy.  He’s not interested in me as a person, just me as a traveler.  He saw that I went to Russia and plan to go on other European trips and he’s emailed me asking for advice about choosing places to go, figuring out what to do, and where to stay.  He doesn’t try to make small talk, so this really is about me being his own personal travel agent, but at least he’s aware and apologetic about it, so I usually tell him what he wants without doing much work looking into it.

PS:  You know what I hate?  There’s a feature on okCupid where you can “wink” at someone.  It’s like poking on facebook and you get a message saying “I winked at you.  If you want to strike up a conversation, reply with something interesting.”  Umm….no.  If you can’t take 10 minutes to type out an email showing that you’ve at least scanned my profile, you’re not getting any attention from me.


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