My time is not your time

It annoys me when LJB tries to micro-manage my work, but it freaking ticks me off when he tries to micro-manage my life/non-work related actions.  I go out to lunch maybe once a year.  Literally.  Today was that day because EK forgot her lunch and invited me out.  Apparently LJB was pissed that we left and started yelling and took it out on JChin.  While JChin and I are back on the rocks (because she’s back in freak-out-over-nothing mode and I’m still in don’t-want-to-deal-with-your-sh*t mode), I’m not happy that she got the brunt of his irrational anger.  And yes, it’s totally irrational because since when do I have to ask permission to go to lunch?  I’m a part-timer (EK too) which means that if I choose to go out to lunch, I don’t get paid.  It’s not like I’m taking advantage of company time.

We were gone just a little over an hour because the line was really long, but again, it’s not like we’re salaried with an allotment of a 60 minute lunch, so why is it a big deal?  And the fact that JChin and Jacky had gone out to lunch while we were gone and Jelisa wasn’t here at all today has nothing to do with us.  So there weren’t 6 people here to answer the phone, so what?  And if you want to blame someone, blame the people who left after we did but before we came back.  Ugh, it’s just so annoying.  And I’m sure when JChin comes back she’ll mention something, but last I checked I have the right to go get food just like everyone else without begging permission first.

PS:  M said that LJB was more mad at EK than me and went around mumbling that “people come back and they think it’s a vacation” which really ticked me off even more because she does everything he tells her to and goes around looking for work.  It’s not her fault that there’s not that much.  And honestly, I think he was annoyed with her because she brought up that she had left LJB making $12/hr and he was only paying her $10, which is what he pays new people.  He tried to play it off like he didn’t notice, but it was totally intentional and it’s so annoying because it’s only $2.  You’re really going to annoy a good worker because you don’t want to pay them $2 more per hour?

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One Response to “My time is not your time”

  1. kive87 Says:

    so effing annoying
    it’s not like the clients won’t be there to call in an hour and like you said we’re not even getting paid and it was ONCE

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