Never let LJB get bored…

Our office has one of the most idiotic filing systems ever. LJB likes to go around changing it from client id order to block and lot order to supplementals over here and others over there etc, etc, etc. No one really knows how it works and just when you figure it out, he changes it!

Take today for example. He made two guys pull out all the cases that aren’t getting hearings then he made me, AC, EK, Jel, and R change the back from block and lot to client id order which not only took a lot of time, but was completely pointless. If we want to know if it’s getting a hearing or is this or that, we can just look in the computer. But M said that reasoning doesn’t work with LJB and he saw this change coming because this is what LJB does when he’s bored and thinks no one is doing any work (you know, since he has nothing to do with prepping the cases for hearings he assumes we’re not actually doing anything). It’s just annoying because lugging files from here to there and back again is not exactly one of my favorite things. Especially when I have TC cases needing to be prepped sitting on my desk….


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