Back in NY….

I didn’t blog the entire time I was home because the “entire” time was only five days, but now that I’m back in hell (aka LJB PC) I have time again.  I could be sending out emails regarding hearings in a couple weeks, but I don’t care that much 😉  Home was fun.  I mostly just hung out with my family.  Saturday was Syd’s 4th b-day so we went to the zoo.  It was good, except that mom got kind of bitchy when no one wanted to eat the peanut butter she had packed for the 90 degree day (seriously, if she had packed lunchmeat it would have been fine, but who wants to eat sticky peanut butter when it’s miserably hot and humid?  And my dad and I didn’t even have attitudes, we just said we didn’t want it).  My favorite part was the big cats, of course lol.

I went to Savannah’s 10 lb party and it was happy and sad at the same time.  Happy because she’s lived to be 7 ½ months, sad because she looks like a newborn and we still don’t know what’s wrong.  I got to see 1 ½ year old Riley too and her not so wonderful mother (that’s for another post lol). Her dad (my cousin Brad) couldn’t believe I was 21, even though he’s only 27.  He thought the new driver’s license I had to get was really a fake haha.

Mom’s side of the family came over for Memorial day, so Monday morning was spent cleaning and running errands, but it could have been worse.  The family was the same as ever, with great-grandpa cornering me to talk about WWII and Russia (since I gave him a beerstein I didn’t want that I was given for free in Russia). The things I do to stay in the will…. Lol

Surprisingly I didn’t cry when I left, or even when I went to sleep last night.  Usually I’m a mess but this time I was fine.  I think it’s because I’ll be home for another visit in 2 months, and home for good less than 4 months after that, so it’s not just an obscure date way in the future anymore.  I can’t wait 🙂


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