1.  OkCupid has been disappointing and it makes me sad 😦 Soldier guy—the only one I was looking forward to emailing—stopped responding, I stopped responding to Football Guy with his way too much info way too fast, and no one else interesting has come forward.  I get several messages a day, but most of the guys are older or ugly or our personalities do not match at all.  Not that I was expecting anything real from this, but I thought it would at least amuse me, but how can I be amused when I have no one I want to flirt with?

2.  LJB PC makes me a bitch.  I’ve always had a low tolerance for bs, but now I find myself annoyed by the smallest little things: like when a girl in my Chem class asked me nicely if I heard what the prof had said and I wanted to strangle her because I was in no mood to be talked to…. Oh, and I’m fed up with JChin’s lack of memory.  I snapped at her today when she started telling me the same thing she had told me yesterday and asking me what I was working on (she didn’t like it when I refused to tell her anything more than that I was working on the box she had given me yesterday lol)

3.  Turkish people have no manners.  I came home last night and Turkish roommie’s mother was cooking.  Annoying, because I wanted to cook, but I decided to take a shower to give her time to finish.  She wasn’t done, so I started cooking anyway.  It was just pasta, so I didn’t have to be in the kitchen most of the time, but during the literally 5 minutes that I needed to drain the pasta, add the sauce, and scoop it into Tupperware for leftovers other nights, both Turkish roommate and Turkish mother decided that they needed to chat in the middle of the kitchen (not actually doing anything, just talking) and being directly where I needed to be.  I know they knew I was annoyed because I was glaring at them, but they didn’t care.  It made me want to scream and rip their heads off (see # 2 where LJB PC makes me an intolerant bitch….) but I wanted to eat more than I wanted to fight.  Then they decided to eat in the “dining room” which is really part of the living room and talk in Turkish really loudly as I tried to watch a show while I ate.  Annoying.  Last summer Turkish roommie spent three months in Turkey.  Someone’s going to get murdered if Turkish mother is spending three months here this year.

4.  I ❤ fudge.  I got some from The Fudgery before I came back and each piece is like heaven 🙂


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