Life’s Questions…..

Spring has sprung in Central Park and even though the sudden appearance of plants where there was once only dirt has thrown off my sense of direction a little, I had fun walking around there today, pondering random questions that popped into my head…..

1.  Why do overweight women feel the need to not only wear low-cut shirts, but to wear no bras with them?  Or to wear short shorts?  If you’re overweight, you really need to accept it and dress in something that won’t make you look like a fat girl trying to wear skinny girl clothes.

2.  Why are some people so hard on tourists who ask for directions?  If they lived here, they’d know where everything is, but they don’t.  Do you know the location of the nearest subway to a park in London?  Exactly.

3.  Why aren’t there more days in a weekend?

4.  Why does it have to be humid?  And why must the humidity destroy any attempt I make to style my hair.

5.  Why doesn’t NYC have more public water fountains in their parks?  Seriously.

6.  Why do some brides think they’re the center of the universe?  They might be the center of their wedding, but who gave them permission to post bridal party “guards” telling people that they can’t walk through a certain popular section of Central Park on a nice Saturday?  If you want to take pictures in a public space, you’d better get used to the idea of the public being around.

7.  Why did those three girls think neon 1980s stockings looked good?

8.  On that note, why do some women think baggy clothes look good?  They don’t.  They just make you look fatter than you are.

9.  Why do people have children if they’re just going to scream at them for not behaving like adults?

10.  Why do women dress in super skimpy clothing, then get offended when guys look at them like they’re a piece of meat?  If you dress like a slut, you’ll be viewed as a slut.  Pretty simple.

11.  Why do so few people take the time to look around and notice the beauty of nature around them?

12.  Why do people smoke in the park?  I mean, I don’t get why they smoke at all, but in a park of all places?  A park is where you go to get fresh air, not cancer……

13.  Why do people who should not be sunbathing (re: overweight, hairy, really old, etc) choose to sunbathe anyway?  I suppose it’s just the price we must pay for the real eye candy….


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