World Cup? Yawn.

Apparently it’s World Cup time again.  I probably never would have noticed if my work and school weren’t full of immigrants, lol, but it got me thinking about why Americans don’t like soccer.  Here’s what I came up with:

1.  Between baseball, hockey, football, and basketball, we already have enough big-time, main-stream sports.  There’s just no room for another.

2.  Europeans like it.  Enough said lol. Jk, but this is what a lot of people like to think, so I couldn’t leave it off 😉

3.  It’s seen as a middle-class kids’ sport.  At least where I’m from, it’s something almost all kids play at some point in their lives, but then they outgrow it, usually before middle school.

4.  Soccer is B.O.R.I.N.G.  And this is coming from someone who watches baseball.  See, baseball is slow and methodical, which means it can sometimes be boring, but with every pitch is a chance to score. In soccer, on the other hand, they just run around the field, pass the ball, run some more, get the ball stolen, run some more, etc etc.  They don’t even shoot on goal that much.  Quite a few World Cup games have ended 0-0 or 1-0 with less than a dozen combined shots on goal.  How boring is that?  Hockey is probably the closest relation to soccer, but even in a “slow” hockey game, each side gets at least 15+ shots on goal.

5.  And the most important reason why Americans don’t like soccer, imo?  Ties.  Apparently in soccer, ties are not uncommon.  In American sports, no one leaves until somebody wins. Just a couple months ago my Cardinals played a 20 inning baseball game because somebody needed to win and no one cared if it took 7 hours and the equivalent of 2.2 games to do it.  It’s not in the American culture to be satisfied with a tie.  If we’re playing, we’re playing to win.


2 Responses to “World Cup? Yawn.”

  1. thenakedlistener Says:

    I think you’re dead on for point 5, judging from my time living in the States way back when.

  2. kive87 Says:

    This world cup is not a normal world cup…usually Brazil, France, Germany, Italy storm through the “lesser” nations and the ties don’t really matter because there’s always 2 leading the groups and when it matters there’s no ties, they go to over time there’s no tie in the final match. Also, I think the world cup is more important than other sporting events because it makes everything more personal and “patriotic”. It pushes the players to the limit because it’s fast, there’s virtually no props (aka equipment), it’s just them, their bodies, and 1 ball. I think Americans just don’t like it because the US team has never been any good compared to countries like Brazil or Argentina where it’s virtually a religion because they’re so good at it.

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