Marc’s Wedding

Well…it wasn’t a joke, though we all had doubts until M’s wife M (I still think they should have had M&Ms at every table lol) came out in her wedding dress.  It was really pretty, and kind of weird meeting the woman who calls the office every day.  I also met M’s “dealer” L, who is very short and unassuming in person.  The ceremony was private, but the reception was really nice.  As it should have been, since it cost $50,000 just for the place and the food.  I’ve never been to an Asian wedding before, but this was probably the whitest Asian wedding ever haha.  I mean, they had the garter and bouquet throw, dancing to American music, a Western-style wedding cake, etc.  The food was the only thing really Asian, and unfortunately I couldn’t eat any of it.  That’s alright though, I knew that before I went.

We only stayed a few hours and didn’t get any cake, but it was still fun.  M made me do a tequila shot with him on an empty stomach before I left.  Tequila’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.  I expected it to feel like fire, but it really didn’t.

All in all, it was a fun night and I can’t wait until I see M on Monday and relentlessly make fun of him for the cheesy lovey-dovey music that played in the background 90% of the time 😀


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