EK left me! I can’t believe it!  I mean, yeah, I’m leaving her in December, but why wouldn’t she quit law school and stay at LJB until then?? Sooo not cool.  It’s weird….work is so quiet today lol.  Btw, you know what’s hilarious?  Apparently very few people in the office realized that yesterday was her last day.  JChin, SJG, and Jel for starters.  And LJB was like “What?  She’s not coming in today?  Why not?  I thought she was working.  That must be why she kept trying to say goodbye yesterday…tell her I had no idea.” 😀

PS:  In other sad news, I found out I can’t work at Edward Jones.  Their RDP program doesn’t start until June, and I’m not going to wait 5 months after I graduate to start an entry-level job.  I thought maybe they’d have a program starting in January too since the website said it lasted 12-18 months, but sadly no 😦


In theory, sharing is good.  It’s one person being generous to others either out of the goodness of their heart, or for something in return.  But what I hate is that sharing has now become expected, rather than a nice thing that some people sometimes choose to do.  For example, I’ve been baking lately and I’ve brought in some of my stuff for some of my coworkers, but not everyone.  This is because baking, while not expensive, is not cheap, so the more I give away, the more it costs me because I get less (I’m all into amortizing costs.  You know, if it costs $20 to make 30 cupcakes and I eat them all, it costs $.66 per cupcake.  But if I give away 10 for free, it costs me $1 for each cupcake I eat.  Don’t judge me, I’m a business student for a reason lol).

The last thing I made was a German Chocolate Cake which had a lot of specialty ingredients I had to buy, took a lot of time, and is three layers, so each slice is equivalent to about 3 cupcakes.  Which means I can only get like 10 servings out of it.  I brought in two slices each for M and EK over the past few days because a) they never bake, so unless EK’s mom made it, she’d never taste anything like this; b) it’s EK’s last week 😦 ; and c) M has brainwashed me and JChin into feeding him whenever we have extra food….don’t ask me how that happened, I don’t even know…..  I also brought in a slice for Jel today simply because she asked, so why not?

Anyway, the problem is that I think some people in the office are annoyed that I didn’t bring anything for them (SJG being #1, since he got all offended that he didn’t get a cupcake a few weeks ago), and that, in turn, annoys me.  I know office etiquette, like school etiquette, says that if you bring in food for some, you should bring it in for all.  And I can see how it could be seen as playing favorites, but just because I don’t bring you food that I paid for and I spent time making doesn’t mean I don’t like you.  It just means that I think you could make it yourself, and I’m selfish, which is a perfectly natural human trait.  My baking is pretty good, imo, so sue me if I want to keep some for myself.



I booked my trip to Montreal today 🙂  I’m going for a few days in September because my office and school will be closed for a holiday, so why not?  I was originally going to stay in a hostel, but I splurged on a cheap hotel instead.  It was like 3 times more expensive, but worth it.  I mean, I have the money and I realized that I really didn’t want to have to be around people on my vacation.  I did it in Moscow because a) hotels in the Moscow area are soooo expensive and the hostel was not; and b) they spoke English.  It wasn’t bad since I was out most of the time, but when I was there and I just wanted peace and quiet, there was none to be found.  And the group of Australians staying there loved to stay up until 3 am drinking loudly in the common room and monopolizing the computer so…..

Idk, I’m usually low maintanance when it comes to these things, but this time I realized that I just really wanted my own room with my own bathroom (which is not invaded by disgusting slobs) so that I can do what I want, when I want.  You can’t put a price on sanity 😀

Catching up

I’ve been really lazy about blogging about the biographies I’ve read, but now that I literally have no work to do, I’ll just do little paragraphs summing the women up.  I’d give them each their own post, but they honestly weren’t that interesting.  I mean, they weren’t boring, but I wasn’t exactly riveted by their tales….

Joanna I of Naples

Joanna was born in 1328 and was Queen of Naples from 1343 until her death in 1382.  She was the first woman to rule in her own right, with her husband Andrew only named Royal Consort.  Andrew was assassinated in 1345 (under Joanna’s orders, many believe) and she married three more times.  Her three children all died young.  He reign was marked by political struggles between members of her own family as well as between Naples and Rome (re: the Pope).  At one point Joanna had to flee her country because Louis of Hungary had invaded, and she later had to pay the Pope in order to return to Naples, after he acquitted her of participating in Andrew’s murder.  During the Papal Schism, Joanna chose the less popular side and was branded a heretic and excommunicated.  Her nephew Charles, with Hungarian support, advanced on Naples, cornering Joanna.  When her fourth husband was unable to come to her aid, she was forced to surrender.  She was murdered in captivity.

Jane Boleyn

Jane Boleyn (nee Parker) married Anne Boleyn’s brother, George.  She became Anne’s chief confidante and was very committed to helping the family rise.  After all, her fortunes were linked with theirs.  But when Henry VIII tired of Anne, Jane was brought in for questioning.  The councilors interrogated and threatened her until she “confessed” that Anne had slept with several men, including George.  There is no proof that Anne would do something so stupid, but the truth was secondary to the King’s wishes.  Jane stayed on Henry’s good side by being cooperative, and after her husband and sister-in-law were executed, she attained a position in Queen Jane’s household.  She was also present to greet Queen Anne (the “Flanders mare”), and then was given a prominent role in Queen Katherine’s household.  Queen Katherine was a young girl (some sources say as young as 17, but 20 is more probable).  Henry VIII, by this time, was a fat, old man, to put it bluntly.  Jane helped facilitate a relationship between Katherine and Thomas Culpepper, one of the King’s grooms.  Some claim this relationship was purely for pleasure, others say that it was also a desperate attempt to get pregnant.  Considering that two previous Queens had been discarded for failing to produce an heir, pregnancy was an important thing, and Henry often couldn’t perform.  The deception was discovered and both Jane and Katherine were arrested.  Jane went insane in prison and a special bill had to be passed to allow her execution, which took place right after Katherine’s.

Katherine Swynford

Katherine Swynford was born in 1360 to a Flemish herald and his wife.  She served in the house of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster from an early age, and married one of his knights, Hugh Swynford, around 1366.  Katherine became the governess of John of Gaunt’s two daughters.  After John’s wife died, he entered a political marriage with the displaced Queen of Castile.  Shortly afterwards, Katherine became his mistress.  She had four bastard children by him who were later legitimized.  After the Queen of Castile died, John married Katherine, sparking controversy.  It was accepted that lords often took mistresses, but to marry one was unheard of, especially since Katherine was a commoner.  The descendants of John and Katherine would found the Tudor and Stuart dynasties.


Just saw this message on OkCupid from GAGA_GOOGOO (yes, that’s really the name he chose….)

You’re not a Russophile, are you?

Why the affinity for the mother land?

By the way, you do know that 16 is considered statutory rape in Missouri? You seem interesting, but I’m seeing all sorts of red flags in your profile.



At first I had no clue what the whole “statutory rape” thing was about, then I went on my profile and saw that the lowest age on my age range of “what I was looking for” was 16.  I would never date younger than 20 (mayyyyybe a very mature 19 year old), so 16-28 must just be one of the standard age ranges on the site.  Still weird that he noticed and mentioned it.  And if he’s seeing all these “red flags,” why bother messaging me at all?  I looked at his profile and apparently he’s a “Russian import” so maybe the comment about the “affinity for the motherland” was wishful thinking on his part because I only mentioned learning Russian and going to Russia very briefly, whereas his profile is all about being Russian (side note: he refers to himself in the third person)….anyway, what a weirdo creep!