Whenever I blog about religion, my views tend to be scathing.  That’s not surprising since I’m an anti-theist in addition to being a plain old atheist.  But I actually used to be a lot worse.  I would spend a lot of time in the society and culture section of Yahoo Answers, and when you’re surrounded by like-minded/slightly more radical people, your own views tend to become more radical as well.   I left Y!Answers because the questions were repetitive and there was way too much hate from everyone, religious and atheist alike.  I’m all for sarcasm and shooting down idiotic questions, but a bunch of the people were just plain….mean.

Anyway, I’ve mellowed a bit since then.  I’m still fervently anti-theist and some religious things still tick me off, but I tend to be angry for all of two minutes, then forget about it.  What’s the point of dwelling on something that I can’t change anyway?  I just have to wait for the radical religious people to die off lol.  Besides, as long as what they’re doing doesn’t affect me (ie: they’re not trying to pass laws forcing others to conform to their standards of “morality”), I really don’t care.

The reason I’m writing this is because I got a message on that dating site from a guy who apparently only noticed the fact that I’m an atheist.  I mean, he didn’t write about anything else:

“So I am curious, how many bibles will be hurled at me in disgust/anger/genuine fear living in the metro east area? I imagine those guilded edges will be quite painful, especially if the cover has reinforced corners. I imagine my first meeting with my neighbors will inevitably lead to a “so did you pick a church yet?” which will cause me to mention my liberal social beleifs and ask why they beleive in a Jewish Zombie Ghost. Do you think they will recoil in horror? Throw holy water at me hoping I go blind? Sedate me, chain me up, glue horns on my forehead and charge $3.50 to see a real live atheist in a circus sideshow? Or is the area far enough from the deep south to have at least an exposure to secular folk and no longer think that we eat babies and frequent insane clown posse and Gwar concerts?

Speaking of which, do you know a good venue nearby where I could get my freak on to some Cannibal Corpse and feast on some jerked baby?

No really, I’m serious. about the bible hurling. Chicago and Campaign were both progressive enough to welcome atheists, but I’m worried if word gets out that I’m Godless I’ll be run out of the neighborhood on a rail. The keys to my new place came with silver crucifix keychains…… have you been to any of the atheist/skeptic meetup groups in St Louis?”

Okay, for one thing, southern IL is not in the Bible Belt, and while there are religious people, we don’t have the religious nuts and there are plenty of atheists.  No one cares what church you’re going to, or if you even go to church.  Unless, of course, you’re like this jerk who probably tells anyone and everyone who happens to be nearby what he thinks of it.  In my opinion, militant atheists are just as bad as militant religious people.  It’s one thing to debate with someone who wants to debate or to protest against an unconstitutional religious law, but other than that why can’t you just live and let live?

And as far as the atheist group meetings….umm, I’m not an atheist because I want to imitate organized religion so……


One Response to “Militant”

  1. mythicsushi Says:

    There is definitely a strand of atheism, as there seems to be in any system of belief(or unbelief), that is fundamentalist in a way similar to Christian fundamentalism.

    We can see that the in-group, out-group mentality can form in atheism just as it can in a religion.

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