True Blood

Pam and Eric. This was before the haircut that made him look oh so much hotter 😉

I don’t have many television obsessions, but my latest one is True Blood.  I told myself I’d never watch it because it was about vampires, but then The Tudors ended (like, ended ended) and I decided, why not?  I like Anna Paquin and the guy who plays one of the main characters is Swedish and super hot.   I honestly didn’t expect to like it, and I don’t.  I love it.

I watched the first season over the course of a weekend, and watched the second and part of the third over this past week/end.  And I literally cannot wait for the new episode next Sunday.  Damn Independence Day screwing with the schedule.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, I highly recommend it, as long as you’re not a squeamish prude.  There’s a lot of blood and a lot of sex.  Seriously, every single episode has at least one sex scene.  My favorite characters are the sarcastic vamps Pam and Eric (the really hot one) and luckily they’re taking a more active role this season.  Seriously, Sunday cannot come soon enough.


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