I have a feeling this is going to be a looong class. The prof is so monotone and boring and he does that thing where he asks questions and no one answers and he just lets us sit there in awkward silence. Umm, if we’re not answering we either don’t know or don’t care, so that’s your clue to lecture. You’re getting paid to teach, so teach. And he’s a Jew from Israel and, sorry if this offends people, that means he’s really arrogant and patronizing. He has no problem telling students point blank that their ideas are wrong because he said so. Not kidding…

Oh, and he called me out on checking my mail on my phone (downside of a small class) which annoyed me because I’m not bothering anyone or blatantly flaunting it. And he tried to be all smart about it and call me by name, but he got it wrong so that backfired. Idk, I guess I have this egotistical attitude of “if you’re not interesting enough to make me want to pay attention, that’s your problem, not mine.”

PS: I love life sometimes. Right after he called me out, the cell phone of his little “teachers pet” went off really loudly and the timing just made me want to lol.


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