I don’t understand how people can do apartment/duplex living long term.  Imo, neighbors are wayyyy too close for comfort.  For example, there’s this disgusting guy who lives next door who likes to hack up his chewing tobacco and make other disgusting noises and since his house is literally three feet away from mine, I have to hear him unless I want to close my windows and bake to death.  And then a couple nights ago my roommates had left the kitchen door open and I was cooking, and the family sharing the connecting house (The property is a huge 4 family house, and me and my roommates live in 1/4 of it) came out onto their porch, which is adjacent to ours, and just by leaning against the fence they could turn their heads and stare straight into our apartment.  Creepy!


One Response to “Proximity”

  1. thenakedlistener Says:

    *grin* Then you’re gonna love Hong Kong here! The only saving grace here is everything is made of concrete, so the noises between flats (apartments) are non-existent.

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