I am sooooo tired of life right now.  Not an I’m-going-to-go-kill-myself kind of tired, but more like a why-can’t-everything-just-stop-so-I-can-chill kind of tired.  I never realized how much I loved/needed my summers to rejuvenate me until I dedicated this entire one to college.  Yes, I finished two of the three classes already, but I just want my summer and I still have 5 more weeks of class with a prof I don’t like 😦 Not to mention work.  It’s busy, which I don’t really mind, but it’s so mind-numbingly dull.  What I do requires some thought, sometimes, but most of my energy is spent doing monkey work or dealing with idiotic clients.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I cared about what we’re doing or had some vested interest in the business, but I don’t.  Real estate taxes do not interest me whatsoever and this is hardly the place I’m going to spend my career.  I won’t even be here six months from now.  That’s not to say I do a crappy job, but I don’t do an amazing-omg-you’re-so-brilliant job either.

I am seriously looking forward to my two weeks home in August.  No school, no work, no nothing. Probably not even my self-imposed Russian lessons.  Just friends, family, and relaxation to prepare me for my final four months of undergrad.  31 more days……


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