Catching Up

I haven’t really blogged lately because I don’t have a lot of time during the day, and when I do have time I’d rather do something else….like sit and chill and do nothing….and since going back and writing all the blogs I’ve thought about writing would take wayyy too much effort, I’ll just do little abstracts of what I would have blogged about had I not been so, well, lazy….

1.  Some people should not be parents.  This week I witnessed a mother who pushed her child into a train when she knew the doors were about to close, didn’t hold onto the child, and then yanked her arm away as soon as the doors touched it.  So there goes the child while the mother stands on the platform stupidly staring.  Luckily the kid was 10ish, not 5, but still!

2.  Some guys are clueless.  OkCupid has this feature where you can offer suggestions to edit someone’s profile and I got a notice that some guy had done it to mine, then sent me a message explaining it.  His edit was a comma splice.  For one thing, this feature annoys me because why should random strangers be able to try to edit my profile? For another, after his explanation on why it was a comma splice, he started getting into small talk.  Umm….does he really think the best way to start a conversation with someone he doesn’t know is “Hey, I’m smarter than you.  Want to hang out sometime?”

3.  I hate my internal clock at the moment.  It won’t let me sleep.  Well, that’s not true.  I fall asleep just fine.  It’s staying asleep all night that’s the problem.  I’ve been waking up once or twice and it makes me feel exhausted during the day.  And even when I do stay asleep, I can’t sleep late.  This weekend I went to bed at 1am, and woke up on my own at 7:30.  On the weekend!  And I couldn’t go back to sleep!  Soooo annoying.

4.  It really needs to rain.  I hadn’t noticed how long we’d gone without rain until I went to Central Park this weekend.  Last weekend, everything looked pretty normal, except that some leaves had died.  This weekend, the lake was about 6inches lower than normal and even more plants were dying….not cool.  And not pretty either.

5.  I should not be allowed to go anywhere that’s not Manhattan (minus Harlem) or Astoria.  I just don’t fit in.  I went to Flushing Meadows Park this weekend because I was bored and wanted to go somewhere new, and I saw maybe three other white people.  I stuck out like a sore thumb.  Coupled with the fact that the park was pretty ghetto and ugly, it was pretty much a disaster of a trip.

6.  The only plus about the park trip was that I got a cannoli from this bakery in my neighborhood to eat on the subway, and it was soooo good.  And cheap, too.

7.  This may sound heartless, but I wish the homeless would stop taking over my favorite parts of Central Park.  They used to just sleep in this outdoor building thing, but now they’re all over all the benches.  This weekend I encountered one who decided it was fine to let it all just hang out….disturbing.

8.  Figuring that the third park was the charm, I went to Astoria Park after Flushing Park, and developed a new appreciation of it.  There’s just something soothing about the sound of waves, and after Flushing Park, the crowd hardly seemed ghetto at all lol.   I especially love the areas where the water hits broken glass and it sounds like wind chimes.  Unfortunately, the day was so nice that some people decided to have a loud, outdoor bible lesson.….seriously, who does that?


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