Just saw this message on OkCupid from GAGA_GOOGOO (yes, that’s really the name he chose….)

You’re not a Russophile, are you?

Why the affinity for the mother land?

By the way, you do know that 16 is considered statutory rape in Missouri? You seem interesting, but I’m seeing all sorts of red flags in your profile.



At first I had no clue what the whole “statutory rape” thing was about, then I went on my profile and saw that the lowest age on my age range of “what I was looking for” was 16.  I would never date younger than 20 (mayyyyybe a very mature 19 year old), so 16-28 must just be one of the standard age ranges on the site.  Still weird that he noticed and mentioned it.  And if he’s seeing all these “red flags,” why bother messaging me at all?  I looked at his profile and apparently he’s a “Russian import” so maybe the comment about the “affinity for the motherland” was wishful thinking on his part because I only mentioned learning Russian and going to Russia very briefly, whereas his profile is all about being Russian (side note: he refers to himself in the third person)….anyway, what a weirdo creep!


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