EK left me! I can’t believe it!  I mean, yeah, I’m leaving her in December, but why wouldn’t she quit law school and stay at LJB until then?? Sooo not cool.  It’s weird….work is so quiet today lol.  Btw, you know what’s hilarious?  Apparently very few people in the office realized that yesterday was her last day.  JChin, SJG, and Jel for starters.  And LJB was like “What?  She’s not coming in today?  Why not?  I thought she was working.  That must be why she kept trying to say goodbye yesterday…tell her I had no idea.” 😀

PS:  In other sad news, I found out I can’t work at Edward Jones.  Their RDP program doesn’t start until June, and I’m not going to wait 5 months after I graduate to start an entry-level job.  I thought maybe they’d have a program starting in January too since the website said it lasted 12-18 months, but sadly no 😦


One Response to “Sadness”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Lol sorryyyy I need a vaca

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