It’s all catching up to me now….

I haven’t felt like myself lately; I think burnout from school is finally catching up to me.  I’ve been going to class non-stop since the end of January.  That’s a reallyyyy long time.  Even between the end of spring semester and start of summer classes I only had five days (and only then because it was a holiday weekend).  This extended torture has pretty much made my mind shut down.  I still do everything that needs to be done for work and school, but completely on autopilot. I didn’t think I’d been acting differently, but M asked me several times in the past week what was wrong and why I was acting so “weird.”

Anyway, I spent this weekend trying to figure out how to snap out of it.  Generally, when I get burned out, all I need is a day or two of doing whatever and I’m fine.  But I’ve been spending most weekends doing whatever (minus a couple hours of hw) and my mood never changes.  I’m not sad or depressed or anything, I’m just….not happy.  I’m actually a very optimistic, carefree person, despite how cynical I may come across on this blog lol, but lately my mood has been downgraded from happy-go-lucky to just content and it bothers me.  A lot.  I suppose I should be thankful that burnout doesn’t make me feel suicidal or something, but it’s so frustrating to be stuck at a mood-level below what I’m used to, if that makes any sense.  No matter how much baking, walking, television watching, or internet surfing I do, I just can’t get past this brick wall.  Vacation better fix this…..


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